Award Winning Landscape Photography by Ian Alcock ARPS

My family moved from Yorkshire to Dorset when I was only 2, and the next 22 years of my life were spent in Weymouth where my love of the sea and local coastline were first kindled, particularly around Portland and the surrounding area. After marrying my wife Wendy we moved to Piddlehinton to sample village life and eventually to Dorchester where we still live today.

I first started taking pictures back in the 80s in the days of film and many hours were spent in the darkroom processing prints. These early days gave me a solid grounding in photography and have proved to be invaluable in allowing me to take control over modern digital technology rather than it control me. I had to put photography on hold to concentrate on my career in reprographics and print but always knew I would return.

In 2009 I decided to follow my dream and purchased my first digital SLR camera to begin on my photographic journey to capture the beauty of the Dorset landscape. I mainly specialise in seascapes and I’m passionate about the wonderful Jurassic coastline we have here in Dorset.

The landscape is as much alive as we are and constantly changing and I try to show this in my images by exposing to create a feeling of motion and power in the rolling waves and movement if possible in cloud filled skies. Add into the recipe the special light around the hours of sunrise or sunset and hopefully my photographic style conveys the atmosphere and beauty of the location.

My work sells at local galleries and craft fairs and the feedback I receive from people purchasing or just browsing inspires me to stay within my local area, as local people seem to prefer local views. My images are also popular with those who have lived in the county but moved away or know relatives that have moved away and want memories of local landmarks.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed my website and to those who have purchased images and I hope you continue to enjoy them. If you have any questions regarding particular pictures or maybe a favourite scene you would like me to photograph, then feel free to email me at or phone me on 07595068077. All enquiries regarding commissions are welcome and any photographic project will be considered as I'm not just a landscape photographer :)