"Door to the Heavens"

21st December 2015
In: News
I sat in my van for half an hour waiting to see if the heavy rain would ease off before I made the trek down to the beach, but in the end decided to make the effort and go with my gut feeling and weather app reports that the weather would improve. The rain did stop before dawn started to break, but the winds were still gusting around 30 mph, but as I dropped down to beach level the surrounding hillsides gave shelter.

I didn’t want the usual starburst normally seen for the December sun rising through the door, and opted for something different. The storm clouds didn’t clear anyway until the sun was too high and I had to keep low to see the sun poke its head above the clearing cloud bank. When it did I was rewarded with a burst of light shining across the beach for a couple of minutes before disappearing again behind the clouds, followed by rain for the rest of the day.